I love it when recipes tell a story.

Let’s take my mom’s lasagna as an example (read: Janet’s Lasagna). When I think about it, it’s not just the taste that comes to mind but also a wave of accompanying senses and emotions that I associate with it.

Sounds: her moving around in the kitchen, yelling at my dog who was acutely aware of the advantages of kitchen scraps, sight: observing the rhythm of her hands as she assembled ingredients, watching the cheese bubble up around the edges and crisp in the oven, and yes, of course taste and smell: the…

In my opinion, there are two kinds of cookbooks: there are the straightforward, no-nonsense ones, the ones that might not always have accompanying photos of the food but do always contain matter-of-fact recipe instructions. These ones rely on staple ingredients and are written with the assumption that the at-home chef need not be bothered by editorializing, and is on the hunt for the most expeditious, delicious route to have dinner on the table.

Then, there are the ones that I would put in the “coffee table style” category, the ones that have become so immensely popular, thanks in part to…

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a glorified Internet foodie. When I have a specific ingredient that I want to use up or have a sudden craving for Indian food or no-knead bread, I will run a quick Google search or scroll through my NY Times cooking app for inspiration.

I follow everyone under the sun that is worth following when it comes to food influencers on Instagram, and I even ventured into Instagram foodie territory myself by creating a separate account last year dedicated to sharing my “quarantine” creations (56 followers and counting!).

This past year has…

Noodles. Filling. Cheese. Repeat.

I imagine when you cook the same meal over and over again, it becomes a kind of spiritual exercise for you. Repetition and experience leads to the wisdom of cooking with your gut and with your heart. You just know when things are ready or how they should taste.

This is how my mom prepared her spinach lasagna — with the muscle memory that only comes from doing something over and over again, as natural to her as taking a shower in the morning or brushing her teeth before bed.

She would just know when it…

We don’t have a dishwasher and our kitchen is about the size of a small closet. While there are aspects of my kitchen that I have enjoyed immensely — the large farmhouse style sink that initially caught my eye, the white cabinets with black trim that reminds me of a country home, and even the challenge that presents itself when preparing complicated recipes — when the sink fills up to its capacity and dishes spill over, or when you spill one thing and it splatters everywhere, it can become a rather tedious space.

But, we still have to eat! …

Does anyone else feel guilty when you have a fridge full of partially used up ingredients and the only two options on hand are to figure out a way to use them up all at once or to toss them?

I’m not sure why guilty is the knee-jerk response. …

Working from home has recently been rather difficult for me. I am someone who gets energy from being around other people and I miss being able to tell my coworkers about my weekend, or what I made for dinner the night before. I even miss the sometimes sad small talk in the lunch room waiting for fresh coffee to be made.

There isn’t a good answer for what ails me, because it’s what we all are experiencing at the moment. The ups and the downs of a pandemic, the fear of the unknown, the crippling anxiety of getting COVID or…

If old dogs could talk,

What would they say

I am old and my bones hurt

I am tired and I ache

I love you

I cherish you

And yet,

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as we approach what it feels like month 1,000 of quarantine.

I’ve been re-watching one of my favorite old shows, Greek, even though there is a laundry list of new shows I should be checking out. My boyfriend and I recently re-watched The Haunting of Hill House and are currently re-watching Dexter even though we know how both of these end. We find ourselves speeding through season 3 of Dexter just to get to the next one because we know how good season 4 is with John Lithgow. We don’t seem to…

You wake up to your alarm with a pounding headache, a stuffy nose, and you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest. You audibly moan, grudgingly admitting to yourself that you’re sick, and yet you still drag yourself out of bed, into a hot shower, and out the door at 8 AM for your regularly scheduled work day. …

Caroline Wittenberg

I’m 29 years old and here is what I know about myself: word enthusiast, dog lover, new-found cat lover, over-committer, and oftentimes, loyal to a fault.

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